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The company’s forestry certification process took place throughout 2005. The certification system chosen was FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and the certifying entity was SCS (Scientific Certification Systems). The field audit occurred in April and certification was awarded in December 2005.

In 2016 happened the 2nd re-certification, valid throughout 2021.

The company has two certificates. FSC Forest Management certification confirms that a specific area of forest is being managed in line with the FSC Principles & Criteria. Certificate code: SCS-FM/COC-00091P. License code: FSC-C010186.

FSC Chain of Custody certification verifies that FSC certified material is identified or kept segregated from non-certified or non-controlled material through this chain. Certificate code: SCS-COC-000789. License code: FSC-C021561.


Any interested parties can download the
“Cáceres Florestal Forest Management Plan Summary”